New Year 2018

So as we enter another year, another beginning I, along with millions of others, am reviewing my year, my life, my being.

We have just finished what is one of the fullest periods of the year, at least in the West, with Christmas celebrations, gifts, delicious meals and family get togethers. A time of “more, more, more”. For some it is a period of rejoicing, of being with loved ones and celebrating togetherness. For others it is a period of loneliness, need and sadness. For many it is difficult; family conflicts and financial stress intrude on the festive spirit.

But what about the new year? Can we do things differently? I am increasingly aware that the true riches of life come from being connected to others. I am lucky to have a roof over my head, enough food and heat to live comfortably. My basic physical needs are met. I have very little wish for objects. As my sister says, when it is her birthday, she would like presence not presents. The links with family, friends and the people I work with, are what makes my life wonderful. My relationships are what I wish to nurture in 2018.

Some will make resolutions, which are often concrete, part of a to-do list,  such as giving up smoking, drinking less, being on time, working harder, going out more etc. These are often framed in the context of correcting flaws.

I have decided this year that my resolutions or rather intentions are to do with having a positive mindset, to connect with young and old, to communicate with those I love and to be open to those I do not know. I will try to look at events with compassion and kindness, to take time to recognise the good intention behind people’s actions, even if the outcome is not always positive. I will smile more, grumble less, be friendlier and be more patient with myself and others. My guiding principles will be kindness, compassion and joyful, playful participation in life.

I will try to grow older engaged in human connection. 


My 2018 wishes for us all

May we be healthy in body and in mind

May we be safe from inner and outer harm

May we be free from fear

May we be playful

May we greet joy and sorrow with equanimity

May we be peaceful