Do you sometimes feel:

  • You’ve run a marathon by the time you’ve dropped your child to school
  • You are enjoying a quiet moment with your child but you are thinking about what to do next
  • You love your family but sometimes wish you could run away from your life for a little while
  • At the end of the day, when you can finally have some “me time” you are too exhausted to enjoy it
  • You and your partner have pruned your communication to an exchange of “To Do” lists
  • You are aware that you shouldn’t react so strongly but you just can’t help yourself

If any of this sounds familiar, welcome to Club Parent. 

We often feel unprepared for the challenges parenting brings and as parents we are inevitably influenced by our children’s moods and they by ours. Stress can be quite infectious and especially in families this can lead to a domino effect. Mindfulness offers an outlook and skills which are crucial in dealing with the intense emotions linked to family life.

You know that calm parents are more likely to manage their children better but it’s so hard to be more relaxed and less stressed.

In my 35 years as a child, adolescent and family psychotherapist,  I have found that life can really improve when we are more aware of our reactions to problems, of our triggers to stress and when we understand our own contribution to the difficulty. So, how we can change our habits? 

What can Mindfulness do for you?

Your mind can be an internal saboteur. The brain is like a muscle. The good news is that you can shape these remarkable instruments.

Mindfulness practice helps you to:

  • Train your attention to focus on your experience in the here and now with open curiosity and kindness
  • Learn to recognise stress and to regulate your reaction to it
  • Break out of automatic patterns
  • Feel calmer and more positive
  • Cultivate greater compassion, empathy and gratitude

We will look at some typically difficult flash-points such as getting ready in the morning, meals, homework, sibling rivalry and bedtimes. 

Through the presentation of mindfulness principles and exercises,  as well as group discussions,  you will be offered practical skills to improve the quality of your life and your relationship to yourself and others. 

You will learn how to slow down and respond rather than react. With regular mindful practices you will be better able to recognise your stressors and to regulate your thoughts, your emotions and your bodily reactions to stress. 

This will help you to focus and direct your attention so that you do not feel “all over the place”.









"For me, the length of the Mindfulness for Parents course was perfect. I think it worked well for all levels of mindfulness, and I liked the size very much. For busy parents I think it was the right level of information and presented in a user friendly way." Kendall

"Mindfulness has been an eye opener for me. I feel it has shifted something and made me feel more connected with what and who is around me and with who I am. I liked mixing the theory with the practice and stories.  I found the exercises helpful and it was very valuable to listen to other mothers' experiences." - Paola

"First and foremost, I loved the course and found it tremendously helpful and very calming at a time I needed it most. Thank you so much for this. I even found your voice calming, but you are also wise and insightful and I really valued your thoughts and input." - Anat