"When I first started seeing Asha I had been suffering from insomnia for the previous 10 years.  Asha introduced me to meditation and mindfulness. I followed her advice and started practicing meditation on my own at home. I was able to feel the beneficial effects of meditation instantly to the point that it became part of my daily routine. After around 8 months, I was miraculously able to sleep well again, finally freed from sleeping pills and chronic insomnia. Thanks to better, restful sleep at night and greater ability to focus during the day achieved through meditation, my work performance considerably improved allowing me to successfully obtain a promotion. I'm extremely grateful to Asha for coaching me through mindfulness and would describe my experience with it as life-changing." - Monica

"For me, the course was interesting, useful and most importantly, practical.   Each week I came away with a range of exercises to try out, some long, some short and all challenging.  These now form a menu of practices that I have access to that easily and comfortably fit in and around my life.  I use some daily, others occasionally when needed.  All thanks to Asha, who conducted the course with great skill, I can't think of a better use of time than to do the 8 week course.  I wish I had done it years ago." - Jacqui 


"I’ve found practicing movement meditations with Asha Phillips to be a deeply restorative process - it initiates a deep awareness of the self by involving the whole body in flowing movements that follow a story through gentle, carefully described movements. Each story is a short meditation, one involves releasing oneself from burdens, one involves honouring responsibilities willingly taken, another generates inner strength - practicing these guided movements which embody the tales is liberating and very calming, regular practice leaves me with a sense of peace and renewed energy."- Robyn

"Asha’s calm and thoughtful approach helped me to acknowledge that we are only human and do the best we can under the circumstances. Her sessions helped me to bring awareness and a sense of care to my body and mind and acknowledge that it might be taxed at times; she helped me to see and accept that things don’t always go our own way, and by learning to compassionately accept painful feelings, we can become more balanced."  - Geraldine 

"Working with Asha and her mindful mind helped me be able to stop and think, identify and explore what was causing my anxiety and process it by putting it at a reasonable distance. It also taught me self-compassion and I would highly recommend her training." - Justine


"For me, the length of the Mindfulness for Parents course was perfect. I think it worked well for all levels of mindfulness, and I liked the size very much. For busy parents I think it was the right level of information and presented in a user friendly way." Kendall

"Mindfulness has been an eye opener for me. I feel it has shifted something and made me feel more connected with what and who is around me and with who I am. I liked mixing the theory with the practice and stories.  I found the exercises helpful and it was very valuable to listen to other mothers' experiences." - Paola

"First and foremost, I loved the Mindfulness for Parents course and found it tremendously helpful and very calming at a time I needed it most. Thank you so much for this. I even found your voice calming, but you are also wise and insightful and I really valued your thoughts and input." - Anat

"I particularly enjoyed & benefitted most from the guided meditations which were a major & important part of the course. I also found the integrated sequences of movement unusual but entirely satisfying. The small & whole group discussions gave me so many different thoughts & perspectives, which enriched my appreciation of mindfulness & its application to everyday life" - Gill

"I found the course really excellent, exceeding my expectations. Your whole approach was an important element in the success of the course, accepting and incorporating these doubts and self-perceived failures but always keeping us on track. It felt like a very safe emotional space, which is a prerequisite for true learning." - Jenny

"The course has made me much more aware of my default 'go to' responses. I appreciated the friendly nature of the group and the thoughtful, open atmosphere. I feel I benefited a lot from this course and found the handbook and guided meditations very helpful." - Ann 

"The course more than met my expectations. I valued and enjoyed the discussions and learned from the others sharing their perspectives on the material in the handbook, as well as their experience at trying out the meditations. I found it helpful to learn about how the brain is wired. The guided meditations have really helped give me a framework to follow" - Claire 

"Asha has introduced me to self- compassion and loving kindness through movement meditation, visualisation and breathing exercises. This practice that I do on a regular basis has helped me to relieve my stress and tensions in my body as well as to increase my positive energy overall." - Olivia

"I really enjoyed the course. I loved the relaxed environment, the opportunity to air one's thoughts and feelings without being judged.  I loved the simplicity of it, the two hours seemed to fly by. I really enjoyed the movement. I felt that everybody got the chance to say their bit, and conversations were well mediated!  It has given me new skills which I am trying very hard to put into practice, they are incredibly helpful." - Charlotte 

"Thank you for the course. I enjoyed it. And I have taken away a few nuggets. For me the main win is learning to sit with uncomfortable feelings.  You are a delightful person. You have a calm serenity and it feels good to be in your  presence." Greg R

"Firstly, I really would like to thank you once more for offering me this wonderful opportunity to participate in the course.  I entered this course with the hope to find space in my mind to breathe and function, and it helped me understand that a few sessions cannot achieve what should be actively claimed on a daily basis, in thought and in act. Plus, I gained a new, beautiful experience of meeting people very different to me and bonding with them in an unlikely but welcome way. So, many things to be thankful for!"  Christos I

"I really enjoyed the Thursday sessions, I wish they ran for a year.....maybe more! I enjoyed starting the session with a breathing, bringing into the room practice. I enjoyed the group discussions. There wasn't anything I felt didn't work. You brought humour, which I also enjoyed, to take mindfulness seriously but not too seriously." Emma W


I really really enjoyed this course. I’m 19 and thought as soon as I sat down that I wouldn’t say a word as I was the youngest in the group but after doing certain things and having to talk about things I was like an open book. I enjoyed every one of my sessions . It has really helped me with my anxiety , I can really channel myself to not over think things and to breathe. It’s also been a major gain for my auditions as before an audition I do a certain mediation and I breathe and I allow myself to accept how I’m feeling and to notice my mind wandering but to then bring it back to the breath. I have gained so much from this course and I wish I could do it every Thursday. I’d recommend this to anyone but especially if you’re 19 and trying to figure out normal things and if you’re an over thinker !!”  Nell S

"My wife and I attended Asha’s course and found her patience and knowledge about mindfulness of great support to our learning. We loved the mix of supportive group discussions, hearing from other points of view, alongside the physical and mental practice that Asha guided us through. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for people looking to take the first step into this area.” Tom C

“I asked my partner to do the course with me and this caused us to better understand each other and in actual fact came to help our relationship. I particularly enjoyed the guided meditations and once I found the ones that worked best for me, I listen to them most evenings now to help me relax, re-centre and try to let go of the days stresses. I find I am sleeping better and I am approaching situations in my life from a different perspective.” Aimée